Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can't I just go down to the local Assessor office and have them help me with an appeal, or do the appeal myself?
Yes you can. However, we frequently get folks who do this and wonder why they received little or no property tax reduction. We spent 3 years developing a "Big Data" predictive model that analyzes every single property in Cook County (click here to view more on the predictive model). When you appeal yourself, it is nearly impossible to search through thousands of property records. The online Assessor tools do not let you find the data you really need. We often get folks who went to their assessor office, submitted an appeal, and got little or no reduction. We can help you, just give us a chance (click here).

2. What is your success rate?
 If we have contacted you already through email, phone, mail, or in person, it means that we are extremely confident  that we can save you a lot of money. Simply signup through the Get Started Link and then we contact you to get started with a FREE PROPERTY OVERVIEW.

3.  How often should I appeal my taxes?
You should review as to whether or not to appeal your taxes EVERY YEAR. It is your right, and you should not have to pay any more than your fair share of property taxes. We can do a yearly property analysis to see if you should appeal (and this initial analysis is FREE! ).


5. If we do help you reduce your assessed value, we send you an invoice and allow you to pay by check, Paypal, or credit card. We charge 33% of one year's tax savings, but only if we save you money. We never ask for any money up front.

6. Remember, 2016 is an re-assessment year for most townships north of Chicago. Reductions in a re-assessment year will enjoy a 3 year tax savings. So if we save you $2000 this year, this savings will propagate for tax year 2017 and 2018, for a total tax savings of $6000!

6.  That's it. No money due at signup (You shouldn't pay anyone a "registration fee" or a "filing fee"). With there is No Risk.

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